The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research


The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

Historical Analysis (2021–2022)

The Historical Analysis program conducts research into contemporary issues through empirical and historical analyses and shares its insights with the public through database construction, the publication of commentaries, and the hosting of webinars. It studies and analyzes topics spanning multiple fields of research through the lens of history, providing new perspectives on contemporary challenges.


The program will cover such topics such as the (1) Economy, Fiscal Policy, Environment, Resources, Energy, (2) Health, Medical Services, Nursing Care, (3) Education, Human Resources Development, Employment, Social Security, (4) Science, Technology, Innovation, and (5) Digital Revolution, Social Transformation through Digitalization. All of these topics are closely associated with the lives of ordinary citizens in modern society. With reference to cutting-edge scholarly research, we hope to shed new light on these issues by analyzing the historical trajectory they have taken to the present day and examining them in the international context.


This will help to elucidate the peculiar historical circumstances in which the various challenges we face today unfolded, enabling us to view these topics from a more comprehensive and multidimensional standpoint.

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