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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research



Background and Aims

Measures to address issues like environmental degradation, poverty, and human rights had long been considered the purview of the government sector. But as the impact of corporate activities has expanded with the development of the global economy, private companies have found they could no longer ignore these issues.

Public-sector initiatives alone are increasingly unable to cope with the catastrophic scale of natural disasters and the growing complexity of community-related issues. Businesses are consequently being called upon to go beyond their role as profit-making entities and to fulfill their responsibilities corporate citizens.

The concept of corporate social responsibility has taken root in Japan in recent years, with a growing number of companies introducing their CSR initiatives in their sustainability reports and on their websites. All too often, though, they are little more than lists of notable achievements, and little attention is given to the high potential these activities have to help mitigate real-life problems.

This was the impetus behind our decision in 2013 to launch a project to conduct CSR research, led by a committee of practitioners and experts. The goal of the project is to further promote CSR in Japan, thereby leveraging the resources of the corporate sector to accelerate the resolution of the many issues confronting society today.


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