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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

Quantitative Analysis of Epidemics and Economic Implications ( –2023)

More than a year has passed since COVID-19 began to spread in Japan in early 2020. From the beginning of the outbreak, it has been pointed out that it is important to base policy decision-making on quantitative analysis, which was already a common practice in other countries.

We constructed an agent-based model from 2020 and have been analyzing how the coronavirus may spread in Japan and how much control measures will suppress the spread of infection. During the past year, as the domestic infection situation and the corresponding government responses have changed day by day, we have offered analysis to meet the demands of the times and have contributed to more effective policymaking. On the other hand, given the requirements for prompt solutions, there is room for such analysis to be more complete in terms of detail and applicability. To address these issues, we will carry out a quantitative analysis of infectious disease control from both medical and economic aspects.

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