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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

Economic analysis of the relationship between education, social security, and taxation

The Japanese government has announced the expansion of the child-care allowance in its 'Children’s Future Strategy' and has decided to promote the 'integrated three-pronged labor market reforms,' including re-skilling, in its 'Grand Design and Action Plan for a New Form of Capitalism 2023 Revised Version.' This research program will investigate the interactions between learning, education, social security, and taxation in Japan with the following two objectives.

(1) This research program will analyze the effects of removing income limits on the child-care allowance and income tax reform in 2010-2011 on the disposable income of households raising children. Additionally, it will examine the effects of these changes on the parenting time of married couples and the education of children, including educational opportunities, academic ability, and non-cognitive ability, in subsequent years. This analysis will use panel data from the Japan Household Panel Survey (JHPS) and other sources. Based on the results, we will derive policy implications for the planned expansion of child-care allowances for children's education and recommend necessary measures.

(2) The JHPS is surveying employees on self-development and re-skilling. This research program will conduct the following analysis to contribute to policy recommendations necessary for the government to support capacity building through re-skilling in the future, based on the survey: How much do income and living conditions affect the implementation of self-development and re-skilling, taking into account the influence of social security and tax systems on disposable income; does the annual income requirement for social security affect reskilling; how does reskilling improve disposable income and employment conditions; and to what extent does reskilling reduce income inequality in the economy.

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