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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

Training Program to Implement EBPM for Local Government Personnel

As local governments lack human resources to implement Evidence Based Policy Making (EBPM) using data as evidence, the development of personnel familiar with EBPM is an urgent issue for more effective regional economic policies.

In this research program, we establish and implement a training program to acquire basic skills in the use of data required in policy making from the perspective of EBPM in cooperation with specific local governments as a pioneering model project, focusing on the four pillars explained below.

In addition, by reviewing the results of the training, we aim to develop a more general model for data education that can be applied to other local governments.

(1) EBPM Training Project

In cooperation with local governments, we develop a training program for local government officials to acquire basic skills in using data in line with their policymaking.

(2) Regional Data Project

We provide guidance to local governments on how to use existing data as well as how to develop new data that measures regional economic conditions for policymaking purposes.

(3) EBPM Research Project

We work with local government officials to conduct a policy advocacy project in line with the EBPM approach by participating in a government-sponsored policy proposal competition.

(4) Survey of local governments for effective implementation of EBPM

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