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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

The Role of the Community in Land Policy in the Era of Depopulation(-2024)

This study aims to analyze the role of the community, which has been positioned as the bearer of various public activities in recent land policy. As the population continues to decline, resulting in more vacant homes and unclaimed land, the government is implementing various policies to realize the appropriate use and management of land by not only landowners but also neighboring residents and the local community based on the Act on Unknown Land Ownership (2018) and the new National Spatial Development Plan (2023), among others. However, the scope, entity, role, and legal status of the community envisioned in such policies can vary and are not always easy for the public to understand. It may also be difficult for a local community to reach a consensus on land use and management, which involve individual property rights, and to act in an autonomous and ongoing manner. This study will analyze the issues involved and offer proposals to maximize the effectiveness of the new land policy so that it contributes to the appropriate management and use of national land with the public’s understanding and participation.

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