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Developing Sustainable and Resilient Health, Nursing, and Long-Term Care Systems in the Post-COVID Era(-2024)

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the failure of existing systems has been revealed in many ways. Japan has enjoyed excellent health indicators, including the world’s longest life expectancy, since the 1980s, but in recent years, the sustainability of its health, nursing, and long-term care systems is under threat due to low fertility, population aging, growing burden from non-communicable disease, rising medical and long-term care costs, and political and economic uncertainties. In order to tackle these issues, there is an urgent need for reform efforts to employ a data-driven approach and to propose policy changes on the basis of scientific monitoring and evaluation. In the fields of health, nursing, and long-term care systems, personalization and precision care are under way, and the influence of globalization is inevitable. Simultaneously, in the future, Japanese society where “autonomy, decentralization, and collaboration” will be essential, local governments and the business sector would be required to employ a comprehensive and systematic assessment of policy proposals for outcome-oriented decision-making. In this research, we will make policy proposals and recommendations that contribute to the transformation of health, nursing, and long-term care systems from the perspectives of health metrics, resilience, innovation, and global health and to the development of future policy-oriented leaders.

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1.Using Health Metrics to Monitor and Evaluate the Impact of Health Policies

Principal Investigator: Senior Fellow Shuhei Nomura

2.Establishing Health System Resilience to Tackle the Health Security Crisis
Principal Investigator: Research Director Kiyosu Taniguchi

3.Health System Innovation in the Post-COVID Era
Principal Investigator: Research Director Kohei Onozaki

4.Rethinking Global Health Policy in the Post-COVID Era
Principal Investigator: Senior Fellow Haruka Sakamoto

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