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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

Talent development for local healthcare DX

As the global push for healthcare digital transformation (DX) accelerates, the need for a sustainable healthcare system in Japan is becoming more evident. This need is heightened by Japan's aging population and the looming threat of future pandemics and disasters. Drawing lessons from past failures, this research aims to establish a resilient healthcare system capable of addressing these challenges. Central to our approach is the development of a decentralized data model with exit regulations, enabling the effective use of data and the integration of emerging technologies such as generative AI and the metaverse.

This policy study focuses on:

  1. Governance for transitioning to a decentralized data system and implementing exit regulations
  2. Local utilization of collected data
  3. Regional implementation of emerging technologies, incorporating perspectives on talent development

Collaborating with pioneering local governments (such as Tsukuba City, Chino City, Kibi Chuo Town, Kanagawa Prefecture) and industry-academia-government consortia, the study seeks to conduct policy research that includes talent development for healthcare DX. By fostering collaboration among multidisciplinary experts and citizens, the project aims to cultivate the workforce necessary to implement healthcare DX across both urban and rural areas. The study will use a hands-on approach to generate policy recommendations and disseminate information nationally and internationally, paving the way for a universally adaptable healthcare DX initiative.

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