The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research


The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

Human Resource Development to Tackle Issues in the Fields of Health, Medical Care, and Nursing through Private Sector Initiatives

Based on insights drawn from the research program "Developing Sustainable and Resilient Health, Nursing, and Long-Term Care Systems in the Post-COVID Era", which was conducted from 2021 to 2023, this research program aims to develop human resources to lead new health, medical, and caregiving business models through private sector initiatives.

It addresses the limits of public health systems by fostering innovative business models and ideas. The research connects experts and practitioners to develop individuals who possess sector-specific knowledge and can approach problems from a global and holistic perspective. Training programs are designed to enhance their ability to work with stakeholders, use media for social contribution, and implement effective practices.

The initiative emphasizes community-based strategies, partnering with local governments, businesses, and civic groups to inspire private sector innovation through new technologies and business models that are informed by regional success stories and innovative efforts. This approach aims to break away from conventional frameworks, creating opportunities for fresh ideas. The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research is expected to play a key role in this ecosystem, acting as a hub for developing innovative leaders in healthcare and caregiving.

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