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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

Capacity Development of 'Connecting Personnel' for Science and Technology Innovation Policy

Modern science and technology policy requires close linkages with the realization of desirable social change in various fields. Such linkages require coordinating mechanisms between science and technology policy and sectoral policies aimed at implementing solutions to social problems, policy linkages between science and technology policy and security policy, and autonomous responses to ELSI (ethical legal and social issues) by the private sector. It is not enough to have only institutional mechanisms to enable such coordination, collaboration, and autonomous responses; it is also important to secure personnels and develop their capacity to take charge of these mechanisms. Specifically, human resources are needed to “connect,” i.e. to “connect” science and technology policy with sectoral policy, science and technology policy with security policy, and research and development with ELSI responses. This program defines capacity for the 'connecting personnel' required by organizations, such as central governments (e.g. Cabinet Office), local governments, enterprises and research institutions, as well as the elements of capacity-building programs (training, personnel exchange and career paths) through case studies in Japan and abroad, and makes policy recommendations.

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