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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

Using Health Metrics to Monitor and Evaluate the Impact of Health Policies(-2024)

In recent years, the sustainability of Japan’s health, nursing, and long-term care systems is under threat due to low fertility, population aging, growing burden from non-communicable disease, rising medical and long-term care costs, and political and economic uncertainties. In order to tackle these issues, there is an urgent need for reform efforts to employ a data-driven approach using comprehensive population health metrics and to propose policy changes on the basis of scientific monitoring and evaluation. The future system of “community-oriented health care that enhances the value of patients by focusing on outcomes,” presented in Health Care 2035, requires empirical, policy-oriented research in order to tackle major health policy challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has also confounded health and long-term care needs and their provision systems. In close collaboration with other sub-theme research units, this study will establish a monitoring and evaluation framework; contribute to the transformation of health, nursing, and long-term care systems in Japan; and make effective policy proposals and recommendations.

Research Collaborator
Kentaro Fukumoto (Professor, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Gakushuin University)

Principal Investigator





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