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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

New Partnerships in Public Policy: Governments, Corporations, and NPOs

March 29, 2010

The Tokyo Foundation invited Lori Forman, an American specialist in public-private partnerships, to lead a workshop on March 19 on how such partnerships can expanded. The event attracted people involved in public policy, including government officials, corporate employees, NGO-NPO representatives, and researchers. Videos of the workshop have been uploaded and can be viewed HERE.

Drawing on her extensive experience in the public, private, and NGO sectors, Forman discussed how such partnerships work and how they can help improve the quality of aid and support people receive. She gave examples of successful tri-sector cooperation and what kind of lessons can be learned from them.

After the presentation, Forman led a question-and-answer session to discuss the specific problems facing each sector and how they may be overcome through closer partnerships. Her presentation can be viewed HERE.

View SLIDES used in the presentation

(The workshop was held in conjunction with the US embassy in Tokyo)


Lori A. Forman

Special visiting professor, Graduate School of Law and Political Science, Keio University. Between 2003 and 2008, was Microsoft’s regional director in charge of community affairs in Asia. Managed the company’s grants programs, disaster relief assistance and developed partnerships with regional and international organizations. Prior to her Microsoft appointment, was the assistant administrator for Asia and Near East for the US Agency for International Development and also worked as the director of the Japan Program for The Nature Conservancy, one of the world’s largest environmental organizations.

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