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Global Solidarity Needed in Advancing Health System Resilience

The Hiroshima G7 Global Health Task Force published a Comment in the Lancet pointing to the need for enhanced resilience to public health emergencies by boosting country-led efforts to achieve universal health coverage.

The task force—a multistakeholder, cross-disciplinary group convened to guide the G7 Summit talks on the global health agenda and whose members include many Tokyo Foundation experts—recommends that the G7 support the efforts of low-income and middle-income countries to integrate pandemic PPR (prevention, preparedness, and response) with their national UHC strategies.

It also calls for the strengthening of resilience to public health threats by advancing timely and equitable access to vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics and the promotion of a multilayered approach to global health governance, including financing, to facilitate effective collaboration among state and non-state actors.

The task force director is Research Director Hideaki Shiroyama, with Research Director Kenji Shibuya serving as an international advisor. Members of the Japan Working Group include Senior Fellow Shuhei Nomura, Senior Fellow Haruka Sakamoto, Senior Fellow Takanori Fujita, and Senior Fellow Makiko Matsuo.

“Promote Global Solidarity to Advance Health-System Resilience: Proposals for the G7 Meetings in Japan,” The Lancet



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