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小黒 一正/Kazumasa Oguro


Kazumasa Oguro

Last updated : October 04, 2023

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Hosei University

Areas of Expertise
  • Public finance
  • social security
  • public economics
  • generational gap
  • population problems

Received his PhD in economics in 2010 from the Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University. Joined the Ministry of Finance in 1997, became an associate professor at the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, in 2010, and became a professor in the Faculty of Economics, Hosei University, in 2015.

Research Program
Contingency Plans for a Potential Financial Crisis

Select Publications

・Ishida and Oguro (2022.3), “Borda Count Method for Fiscal Policy: A Political Economic Analysis,” Journal of International Economic Studies, no.36, pp. 25–40.

・Ishida and Oguro (2018.9), “The Viability of a Voting System That Allocates Parliamentary Seats According to Life Expectancy: An Analysis Using OLG Models,” Japan and The World Economy, vol. 47, pp. 51–57.

・Ishida, Oguro, and Yasuoka (2018.3), “Population Density, Fertility, and Childcare Services from the Perspective of a Two-Region Overlapping Generations Model,” Economic Analysis and Policy, vol. 59, pp. 29–39.

・Fujii, Hayashi, Iritani, and Oguro (2017.3), “Designing an Optimal Public Pension System,” Australian Economic Papers, vol. 56, pp. 1–24.

・Hattori and Oguro (2016.9), “An Endeavor to Estimate Seigniorage Before the End of and Immediately After the Pacific War,” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, vol. 41, pp. 1–16.

・Ishida, Oguro, and Takahata (2015.1), “Child Benefit and Fiscal Burden in the Endogenous Fertility Setting,” Economic Modelling, vol. 44, pp. 252–65.

・Oguro and Sato (2014.1), “Public Debt Accumulation and Fiscal Consolidation,” Applied Economics, vol. 46, issue 7, pp. 663–73.

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