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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

Creation of Generative AI Learning Environment for Teachers

As generative AI becomes more integral to our lives, it is crucial that everyone, including teachers, not only understand but also know how to use these technologies responsibly and effectively. However, teachers, who play a key role in guiding students, are facing increasing pressures without sufficient support to adapt to these new technologies. This study aims to create a supportive learning environment specifically for teachers, helping them stay updated with the latest AI advancements and share practical knowledge with ease. By conducting surveys to identify the current use of AI in education and the needs of teachers, this study will develop online programs and platforms for teachers to learn and exchange information about AI. The goal is to ease the burden on teachers by providing them with the resources to understand and use AI effectively in their teaching without adding to their workload. Ultimately, this study hopes to improve how AI is used in education and provide policy recommendations for better supporting teachers, ensuring that they have the training and community support needed in a rapidly evolving digital age.

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