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The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

Comprehensive Empirical Analysis of Children’s Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills

Public interest in children’s cognitive and non-cognitive skills has been high in recent years, and it is of great policy importance to elucidate the factors that influence these skills. Local governments and private companies have begun to collect data on cognitive and non-cognitive skills in a sophisticated and long-term manner, but there is considerable room for the use of these data in ways that will lead to policy recommendations from the perspective of scholars in economics of education and empirical analysis. This research project attempts to work with such local governments and private companies to comprehensively examine the factors of cognitive skills as represented by academic achievement, as well as non-cognitive skills other than academic achievement. The findings and policy implications of this program will be proposed directly to the collaborating local governments and private companies, and information will be disseminated through a webinar on research findings and discussion papers, as well as through outreach to policymakers, practitioners, and researchers in the field of education utilizing a network of program members.

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