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Teachers in the AI Era

Improvement of the quality of the compulsory education is essential to opening up the future of children of our country. To achieve this, above all, it is necessary to rebuild the system design of the teaching profession to ensure the quality of teachers.

To this end, we will (1) Look back on the system design of teacher training, recruitment, training, and treatment from a historical and policy standpoint and develop a system that will allow higher education as a whole, including teacher graduate schools, to adapt to rapid social and technological changes, as well as recommend revision measures; and (2) With the cooperation of the Tokyo Board of Education, create a guidebook on mathematics that will help current teachers stand on the podium with confidence, share the process with other educators across the country, and communicate to the committee. We will proceed with the research program with emphasis on these two points.

The issue here is the use of AI. It is necessary to understand how the government's policy of “AI in education” is having an impact on teachers. Since this is expected to vary considerably depending on the teacher, we will focus on understanding the actual situation at elementary schools in Tokyo.

Although AI will be used to create and disseminate the guidebook, we believe that it is important for people (both teachers and children) to think for themselves, rather than relying on AI to do their thinking.

In the era of AI, which is undergoing rapid transformation, what is the expertise and role of teachers responsible for compulsory education? How has it changed or not from before? Throughout the program, we will propose a variety of support measures to provide a rich learning environment for children, who will carry the future of our country.

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