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Study Finds that Online Contact Mitigated Decrease in Laughter during the Pandemic

While laughter has been reported to have a protective effect on several health outcomes, the COVID-19 pandemic reduced opportunities for face-to-face communication.

Using data from the Japan COVID-19 and Society Internet Survey (JACSIS) conducted in August and September 2020, Senior Fellow Takahiro Tabuchi and other researchers found that a decrease in face-to-face communication was significantly associated with a decrease in laughter.

In a paper published in Preventive Medicine Reports, Tabuchi and his coauthors noted, however, that increased online communication (text messages, phone and video contact) helped to mitigate this association.


“Does online communication mitigate the association between a decrease in face-to-face communication and laughter during the COVID-19 pandemic? A cross-sectional study from JACSIS study,” Preventive Medicine Reports

Profile of Senior Fellow Takahiro Tabuchi



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