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Greater Sharing and Utilization of Data Essential to Japan’s Education Policy

Jurisdiction over the various challenges faced by children in economically distressed households are dispersed over many different government departments. Such sectionalism, says Research Director Makiko Nakamuro in a Japan Spotlight article, interferes with the sharing of information, depriving children with multiple challenges of adequate support.

Such children are less likely to attend preschool or daycare facilities and are often not under the watch of non-family members. Information regarding health checkups, poverty levels, and school attendance needs to be better coordinated to identify children at high risk.

Greater use of digital tools should also be made, Nakamuro points out, to provide individually optimized education in keeping with the cognitive skills of each child.

“Why Data Application & Utilization Is Essential to Education Policies,” Japan Spotlight

Profile of Research Director Makiko Nakamuro



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