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稲葉 基高/Mototaka Inaba


Mototaka Inaba

Last updated : July 19, 2024

Project Leader, Peace Winds Japan

Areas of Expertise
  • Disaster Medicine
  • Disaster Management
  • Community Healthcare
  • International Medical Care

Dr. Mototaka Inaba, a medical doctor and alumnus of Nagasaki University's School of Medicine, has made significant strides in both surgical and emergency intensive care, touching the lives of many patients. In 2018, he embarked on a new chapter with Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), leading the innovative "ARROWS" project, which focuses on disaster medical support. Dr. Inaba's commitment extends beyond immediate disaster response; he actively works on creating sustainable healthcare systems that bridge disaster medicine with remote area healthcare and international cooperation. Additionally, he contributes his expertise as a part-time physician at Okayama University Hospital and Okayama Saiseikai Hospital. He also enriches the academic community as a special visiting professor at Hyogo Medical University, blending practical medical work with academic pursuits to address global health challenges.

Research Program
Human Resource Development to Tackle Issues in the Fields of Health, Medical Care, and Nursing through Private Sector Initiatives

Select Publications

  1. Inaba M, Naito H, Yorifuji T, Nakamichi C, Maeyama H, Ishikawa H, Shime N, Uemori S, Ishihara S, Takaoka M, Ohtsuka T, Harada M, Nozaki S, Kohama K, Sakurai R, Sato S, Muramatsu S, Yamashita K, Mayumi T, Aita K, Nakao A. Impact of frailty on long-term mortality in older patients receiving intensive care via the emergency department. Sci Rep. 2023; 13(1):5433-5433
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  3. Tanabe R, Hongo T, Mandai Y, Inaba M, Yorifuji T, Nakao A, Elmer J, Naito H. Emotional work stress reactions of emergency medical technicians involved in transporting out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients with "do not attempt resuscitation" orders. Resuscitation. 2022; 173:61-68
  4. Naito H, Yumoto T, Yorifuji T, Nojima T, Yamamoto H, Yamada T, Tsukahara K, Inaba M, Nishimura T, Uehara T, Nakao A. Association between emergency medical service transport time and survival in patients with traumatic cardiac arrest: a Nationwide retrospective observational study. BMC Emerg Med. 2021; 21(1):104-104
  5. Endo A, Saida F, Mochida Y, Kim S, Otomo Y, Nemoto D, Matsubara H, Yamagishi S, Murao Y, Mashiko K, Hirano S, Yoshikawa K, Sera T, Inaba M, Koami H, Kobayashi M, Murata K, Shoko T, Takiguchi N. Planned Versus On-Demand Relaparotomy Strategy in Initial Surgery for Non-occlusive Mesenteric Ischemia. J Gastrointest Surg. 2021; 25(7):1837-1846
  6. Yasuda H, Yamamoto R, Hayashi Y, Kotani Y, Kishihara Y, Kondo N, Sekine K, Shime N, Morikane K, Abe T, Takebayashi T, Maeda M, Shiga T, Furukawa T, Inaba M, Fukuda S, Kurahashi K, Murakami S, Yasumoto Y, Kamo T, Sakuraya M, Yano R, Hifumi T, Horiguchi M, Nakayama I, Nakane M, Ota K, Yatabe T, Yoshida M, Murata M, Fujii K, Ishii J. Occurrence and incidence rate of peripheral intravascular catheter-related phlebitis and complications in critically ill patients: a prospective cohort study (AMOR-VENUS study). Journal of intensive care. 2021; 9(1):3-3
  7. Okura T, Inaba M, Yasuhara I, Kataoka M. A case of esophageal rupture caused by long-term exposure to vinegar and resolved by damage control strategies. Journal of surgical case reports. 2020; 2020(10)
  8. Inaba M, Naito H, Sakata T, Nakao A. COVID‐19 pandemic and shortage of personal protective equipment in Tokyo clinics. Acute Medicine & Surgery. 2020; 7(1)
  9. Hongo T, Naito H, Fujiwara T, Inaba M, Fujisaki N, Nakao A. Incidence and related factors of hypoxia associated with elderly femoral neck fractures in the emergency department setting. Acute Medicine & Surgery. 2020; 7(1)
  10. Inaba M, Naito H, Muramatsu T, Yamada T, Sakata T, Nakao A. Hospital evacuation assistance from public and private resources: Lessons learned from the 2018 Western Japan floods. Acta Medica Okayama. 2020; 74(4):359-364

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