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浦沢 聡士/Satoshi Urasawa


Satoshi Urasawa

Last updated : July 18, 2024

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kanagawa University

Areas of Expertise
  • Business-cycle fluctuations
  • GDP nowcasting
  • economic policy

Satoshi Urasawa is a professor at Kanagawa University. Prior to becoming a faculty member of Kanagawa University in 2021, he served as a government economist in the Cabinet Office of the Japanese government from 1999 to 2021 and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development from 2010 to 2014, where he was involved in macroeconomic analysis and policymaking while producing economic account statistics, including GDP. His research areas are empirical macroeconomics, focusing on business-cycle fluctuations, GDP nowcasting, and economic policy. He received his PhD in economics from Hitotsubashi University.

Research Program
Economic Data and Evidence-Based Policymaking(-2024)
Training Program to Implement EBPM for Local Government Personnel

Select Publications

Urasawa, S., 2023. “The usefulness of high-frequency alternative data to obtain nowcasts for Japan's GDP: Evidence from credit card data.” Journal of Business Cycle Research, 19(2), 191–211.

Urasawa, S., 2020. “Business cycle asymmetry: Evidence from Japan’s decade-long deflation.” Applied Economics Letters, 27(21), 1711-1717.

Urasawa, S., 2018. “Structural change and business cycles in Japan: Revisiting the stylized facts.” Journal of Business Cycle Research, 14(2), 243–281.

Urasawa, S., 2014. “Real-time GDP forecasting for Japan: A dynamic factor model approach.” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 34, 116-134.

Urasawa, S., 2014. “Japan’s deflation: The role of wage costs.” Applied Economics Letters, 21(11), 742-746.

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