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大塚 芳宏/Yoshihiro Otsuka


Yoshihiro Otsuka

Last updated : July 18, 2024

Professor, Department of Economics, Tohoku Gakuin University

Areas of Expertise
  • Business cycle analysis
  • Bayesian econometrics
  • spatiotemporal econometrics

Born in 1979. After working as a research analyst at Tachibana Securities, an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Economics and Business of Hokkaido University, and an associate professor in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Nagasaki, he has been a professor at Tohoku Gakuin University since 2020.

Research Program
Economic Data and Evidence-Based Policymaking(-2024)
Training Program to Implement EBPM for Local Government Personnel

Select Publications

<refereed papers>

  • Funashima Y., N. Iizuka, and Y. Ohtsuka (2020), “GDP Announcement and Stock Price,” Journal of Economics and Business, 108, 105872.
  • Funashima Y. and Y. Ohtsuka (2019), “Spatial Crowding-out and Crowding-in Effects of Government Spending on the Private Sector in Japan,” Regional Science and Urban Economics, 75, pp. 35-48.
  • Ohtsuka Y. (2018), “Large Shocks and the Business Cycle: The Effect of Outlier Adjustments,” Journal of Business Cycle Research, 14, pp. 143-178.
  • Ohtsuka Y. and K. Kakamu (2018), “Regional Growth and Business Cycles in Japan,” Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies, 30, pp. 1-25.
  • Ohtsuka Y. and K. Kakamu (2015), “Comparison of the Sampling Efficiency in Spatial Autoregressive Model,” Open Journal of Statistics, 5, pp. 10-20.
  • Ohtsuka Y. and K. Kakamu (2013), “Space-time Model versus VAR Model: Forecasting Electricity Demand in Japan,” Journal of Forecasting, 32, pp. 75-85.
  • Kakamu K., Y. Ohtsuka, and S. Arasawa (2011), “On the Roles of Spatial Interactions and Heteroscedasticity in Crime Modelling,” in (A.E. Hasselm ed.) Crime: Causes, Types and Victims, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., pp. 211-220.
  • Ohtsuka Y., T. Oga and K. Kakamu (2010), “Forecasting Electricity Demand in Japan: A Bayesian Spatial Autoregressive ARMA approach,” Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 54, pp. 2721-2735.
  • Ohtsuka Y. and K. Kakamu (2009), “Estimation of Electric Demand in Japan: A Bayesian Spatial Autoregressive AR(p) Approach,” in (L.V. Schwartz ed.) Inflation: Causes and Effects, Nova Science Publishers, Inc, pp. 156-178.

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