The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research


The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research


Message from the CEO

Yuichiro Anzai

In October 2021, we transitioned to a completely restructured system of policy research, creating a set of approximately 30 research programs to deliver “people-centered policies” based on rigorous, evidence-based research.

While keeping an eye on historical precedents and international trends, our experts have been focused on analyzing issues and identifying solutions in five domains, namely, (1) economy, fiscal policy, environment, resources, energy; (2) health, medical services, nursing care; (3) education, human resources development, employment, social security; (4) science, technology, innovation; and (5) digital revolution, social transformation through digitalization.

To better meet the challenges of the seismic shifts occurring in society, both at home and abroad, Japan needs to quickly revamp its postwar political, economic, and social systems to give individuals greater freedom to choose their own paths in life, pursue a fuller role in society, have a bigger say in government decisions, and actively participate in the preservation of peace.

Achieving these goals at a time of sweeping change requires an innovative think tank to research and implement new ideas unfettered by the conventions and practices of the postwar years. Our task at the Tokyo Foundation is to become such an innovator in the realm of policy research.

As we embark on our new research path, I wish to express my gratitude for the warm support we have received to date and look forward to working with and sharing our insights with all our stakeholders in the months and years ahead.

Yuichiro Anzai


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