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Japan Times Cites Kobayashi’s Emergency Recommendations

Emergency proposals to address the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis by Research Director Keiichiro Kobayashi and Motohiro Sato issued in March were cited in a Japan Times article detailing the roles of a new government coronavirus subcommittee, of which Kobayashi is a member.  

The article quoted a number of recommendations, such as having the government lease hotels and other lodgings and convert them into temporary quarantine stations for those who test positive but have no symptoms or are only mildly ill—a policy with the added benefit of financially supporting the tourist industry.

“Japan’s New Coronavirus Panel Aims for More Clarity and Balance,” Japan Times

“Addressing the Economic Fallout from the Coronavirus Crisis: Emergency Proposals by Economists in Japan”

Profile of Research Director Keiichiro Kobayashi



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