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Ke Long Tells NHK World China-US Ties Could Be Headed for Cold War 2.0

Senior Fellow Ke Long commented on NHK World that the economic report to this year’s National People’s Congress in China was unusually short and conservative, failing to set specific economic targets and instead emphasizing the need to stabilize employment and reduce poverty.

He pointed out that Chinese SMEs that are critical to creating jobs are facing serious liquidity shortages due to the coronavirus pandemic. While state-owned commercial banks usually do not lend money to the SMEs, the report to the NPC failed to outline how the needs of these small businesses should be met.

He also noted that Beijing does not seem to know how to deal effectively with the leaders of its biggest and most important business partner, the United States, and that the relationship could be headed for “Cold War 2.0.”

“China Expert: Economic Policy Lacks Specifics,” NHK World-Japan

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