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Senior Fellow Fukushima Engages in Strategic Dialogue on Emerging Global Realities

Senior Fellow Akiko Fukushima was a speaker at a plenary session focusing on “How Do We Coexist with China?” at the 2021 Crawford Leadership Forum, hosted by Australian National University on September 6–7. The forum was held on the theme of “Global Realities, Domestic Choices: How to Renew a Damaged World.”

She was also among the strategists and experts participating in the Atlantic Council’s D-10 Working Group on China, held on September 14, which explored “Potential Areas of Cooperation.”

In addition, she contributed to the Asia Foundation’s 2021 report on “Asian Voices on the Future of US–Asia Relations: Strategic Recommendations for the Biden Administration on Foreign Policy towards Asia” as a participant in the dialogue on “Political / Security Issues Important to Asia and the US’s Role in the Region.”

Profile of Senior Fellow Akiko Fukushima



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