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Senior Fellow Fukushima Presents Online Lecture on Japan’s Evolving Role in Global and Regional Security Multilateralism

On May 20, Akiko Fukushima delivered an online lecture for the Japan Program of the Institute for European Studies (IES) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). The lecture was part of a series on Japan’s contributions to global security and its relations with Europe for a course on “Japan’s Foreign and Security Policy.”

On June 17, she participated in a National Security College (Australia) podcast that examined key trends influencing the future strategic landscape of the Indo-Pacific. The podcast focused on two competing trends that are shaping the regional order: the rise of grey zone and hybrid threats and the emergence of “minilateralism.”

In addition, Fukushima’s paper titled “Promises and Challenges of Digital Connectivity” was recently published as a Policy Brief by the European University Institute’s EU-Asia Project.

“Japan’s Evolving Role in Global and Regional Security Multilateralism,” Japan Program VUB

“The Grey Zone, Hybrid War, and Minilateralism,” National Security Podcast

“Promises and Challenges of Digital Connectivity,” European University Institute

Profile of Senior Fellow Akiko Fukushima




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