Japan’s Demographic Advantages

Hoshi, Takeo
Japan’s Demographic Advantages ©Kinwun/iStock

Broad pessimism evoked by Japan’s shrinking population may be misguided. Takeo Hoshi shows that productivity growth is a far more important determinant of economic growth and that Japan’s demographic handicap may actually be an advantage in encouraging productivity-boosting innovations.

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Japan’s Post-Populist Paralysis

Kato, Sota
Japan’s Post-Populist Paralysis ©Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

There is an appearance of political stability in Japan, but this may be because Japan already went through its anti-elitist, populist phase years ago, notes Senior Fellow Sota Kato. This is not necessarily good news, though, as populism can supply the power needed to push through important social reforms.

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American-style Capitalism: A Reexamination

Iwai, Katsuhito
American-style Capitalism: A Reexamination ©Honglouwawa/GettyImages

Distinguished Fellow Katsuhito Iwai calls for a rejection of the American model of capitalism, citing such epic failures as the subprime mortgage crisis and the election of President Donald Trump.

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