The False Promise of Reduced Consumption-Tax Rates
A Plea for Targeted Credits

Morinobu, Shigeki
The False Promise of Reduced Consumption-Tax Rates: A Plea for Targeted Credits

The government’s plan to exempt food and drink from the consumption-tax hike scheduled for April 2017 is a serious mistake, writes tax expert Shigeki Morinobu. In an essay based on his expert testimony before the lower house Committee on Financial Affairs, Morinobu exposes the false allure of reduced rates and makes the case for refundable tax credits as a cheaper and more effective means of helping low-income households.

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Embracing Diversity
Asian Experts Offer Insights into Region’s Shared Values and Democracy

The Tokyo Foundation
Embracing Diversity: Asian Experts Offer Insights into Region’s Shared Values and Democracy

The world today is marked by growing divisiveness, but owing to its traditional tolerance of divergent viewpoints, Asia now has more people living under democracies than any other part of the world. To explore the topic of “Shared Values and Democracy in Asia” Asia's political, religious, and intellectual leaders gathered in Tokyo for an international symposium, co-organized by the Tokyo Foundation, featuring keynote speeches by former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, closing remarks by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and panel discussions among experts on Asian history, religion, and political systems.

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Can China Curb Carbon Emissions?

Hiranuma, Hikaru
Can China Curb Carbon Emissions?

In the wake of the Paris Agreement on climate change, all eyes are on China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter, to see if it can put the brakes on fossil fuel consumption while maintaining economic growth. Hikaru Hiranuma examines the evidence for signs of a seismic shift in Beijing’s domestic energy policy.

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