Working with Nigeria’s Change Makers
(2) Valuable Lessons in New York

Kobayakawa, Suzuka
Working with Nigeria’s Change Makers: (2) Valuable Lessons in New York

In September 2013 Suzuka Kobayakawa began her 12-month fellowship under the Tokyo Foundation–Acumen Global Fellows Program. In her second report, she describes some of the personal lessons she learned during the intensive leadership training program in New York before embarking on an assignment at Pagatech, an innovative startup delivering universal access to financial services in Nigeria.

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Toward a New Japan-Taiwan Business Alliance (1)

Toward a New Japan-Taiwan Business Alliance (1)

The rapid removal of barriers to trade and investment between Taiwan and China augurs a new age of cross-strait economic integration. The author examines this changing environment and the unique economic opportunities it offers for Japanese businesses able to navigate the unique triangular relationship between Japan, Taiwan, and China.

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Japan’s “Proactive Contribution to Peace”
A Mere Political Label?

Fukushima, Akiko
Japan’s “Proactive Contribution to Peace”: A Mere Political Label?

The centerpiece of Japan’s first National Security Strategy, announced in December 2013, was a pledge to make a more proactive contribution to international peace. In an article reprinted from the May/June 2014 issue of Economy, Culture & History JAPAN SPOTLIGHT Bimonthly, Senior Fellow Akiko Fukushima places the concept in historical context, noting that it is a natural response to a transformed security environment and an extension of the security and international cooperation policies Japan has already been implementing in recent years.

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