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April 17, 2017

Japan Can be More Proactive in Creating a Global Consensus on Data Governance
An Interview with GGF 2027 Fellow Shoko Yoshihara

Research fellow Shoko Yoshihara, who is participating in the Global Governance Futures 2027 round, points out that as a country ...

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September 26, 2016

The War on Terror Then and Now
Battling a Mutating Monster

Fifteen years after the attacks of 9/11 precipitated the war on terrorism, security expert Noboru Yamaguchi discusses the challenge of ...

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November 29, 2013

The Indo-Pacific Security Environment and Prospects for Japan-India-South Korea Trilateral Cooperation

Japan, India, and South Korea make natural dialogue partners, given the relative size of their economies, common values like democracy ...

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July 25, 2013

Japan-Europe Security Dialogue on the Maritime Domain

Welcoming three European experts on maritime security, the 63rd Tokyo Foundation Forum explored the potential impact of the opening of ...

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