• Support Programs

Support Programs

Support programs offered by the Foundation, aims to facilitate Sylff fellows’ academic advancement, leadership development and networking among one another. It consists of the following:

1. Sylff Research Abroad (SRA)

SRA awards support academic research related to their doctoral dissertation, conducted at a higher education institution, research institute, think tank, non-governmental organization, private firm, etc. in a foreign country. If you are currently enrolled in a PhD program, you are welcome to apply for the program anytime soon. If you are a master’s student, please consider for application when you have proceeded to PhD study. Click here for details.

The results of the SRA survey 2017 are available from here.

2. Sylff Leadership Initiatives (SLI)

SLI is designed to support Sylff fellows wishing to undertake social action projects or to organize a forum, conference, seminar, or workshop addressing social issues. Projects involving one or more Sylff fellows are eligible for an SLI award of up to US$10,000. Participation of non-fellows under the initiatives of Sylff fellow(s) is welcomed. Please consider becoming an active member of the Sylff community by initiating an SLI project. Click here for details.

3. New Support Programs

New programs providing continuing, lifelong support for fellows are now being developed based on your responses to our recent questionnaire survey.

Also see “Other Activities” and “Local Associations”

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