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  • Report on the University of Nairobi Peace Forum

    April 10, 2017

    Xena Cupido, a 2012 Sylff fellow from the University of the Western Cape, reports and reflects on the University of Nairobi Peace Forum held on December 8–9, 2016, which she was invited to attend.  * * * Violent extremism and the radicalization …

  • Tackling Humanitarian Challenges—A Global Responsibility

    February 10, 2017

    Dr. Gosia Pearson, who received a 2004 Sylff scholarship at Jagiellonian University to study at Oxford University, currently works in the European Commission’s department for humanitarian aid and civil protection (ECHO). She reports on the chal …

  • [Report] Leadership and Character Building for Youth in Rwanda

    January 30, 2017

    Chika Ezeanya, who received a Sylff fellowship at Howard University in 2010, organized an SLI workshop on youth leadership empowerment in May 2016. Attending the workshop in Kigali, Rwanda, as observers from the Tokyo Foundation were Mari Suzuk …

  • Verbs and the History of Bantu Languages Near the Serengeti

    November 10, 2016

    It is said that there are more than 6,000 languages spoken today in the world. The majority of them are so-called minority languages and are endangered. Timothy Roth, a 2014 Sylff fellow of the University of Helsinki, conducted fieldwork in Tan …

  • Toward an Understanding of the Medieval Mediterranean World

    April 15, 2016

    Gregory Williams received a two-year Sylff fellowship at the American University in Cairo for the academic years 2011-2012. He has been conducting a series of archaeological excavations in Aswan, Egypt, using an SRA grant. In this article, he a …

  • Theories of Modernism in Cinema

    March 31, 2016

    Miłosz Stelmach, a 2014 Sylff fellow at Jagiellonian University in Poland, conducted research at Columbia University in New York on cinematic modernism. In this article, he provides insight into two contradictory definitions of “modernism” in c …

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