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CSR White Paper

Since 2013, the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research has been conducting surveys of Japanese companies to learn of their CSR initiatives. The responses are analyzed by CSR experts and members of the Foundation’s CSR research project to identify issues in and prospects for CSR in Japan. Essays based on the survey results are compiled into a CSR White Paper, first published in Japanese in July 2014. The articles here are English translations of the White Paper.

 Tax and Social Security Policy

The policies Japan needs today are those that will reduce people’s anxieties about the future and revive the dynamism of Japan’s economy and society. This will require a sweeping and integrated overhaul of Japan’s tax and society security systems, which Abenomics has not yet fully addressed. The articles in this series by members of the Foundation’s Tax and Social Security Research Committee will examine the measures necessary to contain the growing wealth gap and guide the country on the path to a more robust and resilient future.

Politics in Perspective

Politics in Japan has been in a state of drift in recent years, depriving the nation of the leadership it needs to overcome two decades of economic stagnation and to confront the challenges of a dramatically transforming world. This series sheds light on the factors that have caused this crisis and examines the major issues facing Japanese politics today.

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