Japanese Healthcare at a Crossroads (1)
Toward Integrated Community Care

Tomita, Kiyoyuki
Japanese Healthcare at a Crossroads: Toward Integrated Community Care

Japan is facing tough choices as demographic aging threatens the sustainability of its vaunted universal health insurance system. Health policy expert Kiyoyuki Tomita sheds light on the future of healthcare in Japan.

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Halting the Free Fall of Fukushima’s Fishing Industry

Komatsu, Masayuki
Halting the Free Fall of Fukushima’s Fishing Industry

Six years after the Fukushima nuclear accident, the local fishing industry remains deeply depressed, even though Fukushima seafood is certifiably safe for consumption. To avert a downward spiral, Senior Fellow Masayuki Komatsu calls for concerted action on both the supply and demand sides, including open access to Fukushima fishing grounds.

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The Kake Gakuen Scandal in Context
The Perils of Concentrating Political Power

Kato, Sota
The Kake Gakuen Scandal in Context: The Perils of Concentrating Political Power

The Kake Gakuen scandal has contributed to a dramatic decline in popular support for the cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, calling into question Abe’s prospects for a third term at the helm of the ruling party. The Foundation’s Sota Kato analyzes the scandal as the paradoxical product of political and administrative reforms that have concentrated power in the Prime Minister’s Office.

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