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Rediscovering the Treasures of Food (2007-08)

Active Years: 2007-2008

Japan's regions are home to treasures both tangible and intangible, including distinctive festivals, craftsmanship, townscapes and scenery, dialects, and local cuisine. Yet now many of these traditions are disappearing. Efforts to revive communities by focusing on economic efficiency will come to nothing if the culture and ways of life unique to each region wither and die; indeed, age-old heritage can itself be a source of and inspiration for revitalization.

From among these traditions, this project focuses specifically on food, which is the very foundation of human existence. We visit various places in Japan to research traditional foods whose continued production is at risk, the people who produce them, and the land upon which they are grown, and disseminate information on these "treasures of food" both in Japan and overseas.


  • Shimamura, Natsu (2007-09)

Project manager(s):

  • Yasui, Misako (2007-09)

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