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An Anatomy of Globalization

Active Years: 2007-2008

An Anatomy of Globalization An Impartial Forum for Diverse Insights

(The page contains articles that were uploaded following the site’s launch in 2007 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Tokyo Foundation. All job titles are as of 2007-08)

Up until the 1990s globalization offered the hope that the entire globe would be linked through the development of the Internet and other communication technologies. After the start of the twenty-first century, however, the drawbacks of seamless global connections have also become plain for all to see, and people have started to question whether globalization is actually good for them. In this site, we scrutinize the various arguments surrounding globalization and the complex issues it raises from diverse points of view. Please note that all the articles and essays presented here represent the personal opinions of their respective authors.


  • Publisher: Hideki Kato (Chairman, the Tokyo Foundation)
  • Editors: Akiko Imai (Director of the Tenth Anniversary Commemorative Project and Public Relations Officer, the Tokyo Foundation), Asako Uemura (Public Relations Officer and Tenth Anniversary Commemorative Project member, the Tokyo Foundation), Keita Sugai (Program Officer, Scholarship Division, the Tokyo Foundation)
  • Author: Hirotsugu Aida (Senior Writer, Kyodo News)
  • Translators: Keiichi Maeda, Kay Yokota, Wordcraft Co., Ltd.
  • With the cooperation of: Project Syndicate