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Policy Research

Foreign and Security Policy

Peace is an indispensible component of a stable and prosperous society. But much like air and water, only in its absence do we fully appreciate its importance. And only in an international climate free of war and terrorism can we protect our freedom and dignity and lay the foundations for economic growth. With this understanding, the Tokyo Foundation offers timely and insightful analyses of the international situation, outlining the foreign and security policy options conducive to a peaceful and vibrant future for Japan and the international community.

Economy and Social Security

One of the biggest challenges confronting many industrial countries today is to ensure sustainable economic and social development in spite of lower rates of economic growth. The effectiveness of policies that were premised on robust growth has diminished, and they need to be replaced with new measures that lead to the adding of real value. At the same time, more efficient approaches to income redistribution and social security are needed to achieve fiscal consolidation and allay people’s fears about the sustainability of public finances and the social security system. Rather than offering a list of stopgap measures, the Tokyo Foundation charts new directions for reform in Japan by exploring economic, fiscal, and social measures that go beyond textbook solutions.

Environment and Social Infrastructure

Looking ahead toward the future, Japan’s social infrastructure needs to be thoroughly refurbished so that the country can better meet both its domestic and international challenges. Specifically, the Tokyo Foundation examines such physical components sustaining people’s lives as the environment, national land, and energy, as well as the various social institutions upholding the life of the nation. We offer both concrete solutions and future visions regarding resource management, land development, and community building, identifying essential issues and working toward real-life improvements.

Past Projects