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Stanford’s Hoshi Joins Board of Tokyo Foundation

June 22, 2016


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The Tokyo Foundation is happy to announce that Takeo Hoshi—the Henri H. and Tomoye Takahashi Senior Fellow in Japanese Studies at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University—has been named the Foundation’s new Chair of the Board, replacing President Masahiro Akiyama, whose term expired after serving four years.

Professor Hoshi was elected to the Board for a two-year term on June 21, 2016, by the Foundation’s Trustees and was selected Chair of the Board at a Board of Directors meeting on June 22. Hoshi will be supported by two executive directors: Oda Sanae and Sota Kato.

Hoshi is an internationally renowned authority on the Japanese economy, monetary policy, corporate governance, and financial regulation. He earned his PhD in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1988 after graduating from the University of Tokyo in 1983 with a BA in social sciences. Before joining Stanford University in 2012, Hoshi was the Pacific Economic Cooperation Professor of International Economic Relations at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (now the School of Global Policy and Strategy), UC San Diego, where he also served as the chair of the university’s Sylff Steering Committee.

His book titled Corporate Financing and Governance in Japan: The Road to the Future (MIT Press, 2001), co-authored with Anil Kashyap (Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago), received the Nikkei Award for the Best Economics Books of 2002.

The Tokyo Foundation looks forward to continued close cooperation with all its partners.