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The Tokyo Foundation “Weekend School” for Municipal Officers

Active Years: 2009-2015

This program provides training to mid-career municipal officers, based on our belief that revitalizing local communities is an important element in restoring Japan’s vitality. It is hoped that this ever-growing training network will sow the seeds of local revitalization that will blossom in communities all over Japan.

To revitalize Japan, local communities must be given control over their own destinies. Successful community development is achieved only when each community rediscovers and reembraces its own rich heritage and undertakes innovative initiatives that harness such distinctive qualities. The key will be nurturing human resources capable of thinking and acting on their own. The Tokyo Foundation has conducted a training program targeting all municipal officers in the country since 2004, and in 2009 we transformed this initiative into a “weekend school” so that more officers can participate.
Drawing on the Tokyo Foundation’s extensive network, the roster of instructors includes mayors and governors, as well as community development leaders. Through their insights and meticulous guidance, the lecturers help participants deepen their understanding of local governance and find hints for strengthening their communities. Following training, participants can continue to gain new insights by utilizing the alumni network to share information and opinions. It is hoped that these municipal officers will act as community leaders and that local communities and civil society in Japan will be invigorated through their leadership.

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