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Nippon Foundation Fund for Japanese Language Education Program (NF-JLEP)

The Tokyo Foundation administers the NF-JLEP, a program launched by the Nippon Foundation. Since the beginning of this program in 1994, endowments of $1.5 million each have been presented to eight universities in six countries. Revenue from these endowments is used to support the training of Japanese-language teachers and development of Japanese teaching materials, and to provide scholarships and fellowships to students pursuing Japan-related studies in the 11 universities listed below.

The program also incorporates elements essential for understanding Japanese as it is actually spoken, such as the study of Japanese history, culture, literature, and economy. We intend to further develop this program by cooperating with other organizations engaged in Japanese-language education to create a network of Japanese-language instructors.

In August 2010, the Tokyo Foundation sponsored the Symposium on Japanese Language Education in Europe hosted by the University of Bucharest, Romania (click here for the report). Prior to the symposium, the university and the Tokyo Foundation also organized a lecture entitled “Haiku: The Heart of Japan in 17 Syllables” by Ms. Madoka Mayuzumi. A renowned Haiku poet, Ms. Mayuzumi has been appointed by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs as Japan Cultural Envoy and has been actively engaged in this role in France and other parts of Europe.

The Tokyo Foundation Japanese Essay Competition
The Tokyo Foundation organized the Japanese Essay Competition in 2009 in order to provide undergraduate students of Japanese at NF-JLEP universities with the opportunity to enhance their language skills and to learn more about Japan. We hope that the students will make the most of this essay competition for their study.

Prize Winners/ Award Ceremony/ Essay Guidelines
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NF-JLEP Institutions

Macquarie University
Monash University
The University of Queensland *The endowment is shared with the following university:
Griffith University

Cairo University

Indonesian University of Education *The endowment is shared with the following two universities:
Manado State University
Surabaya State University

New Zealand
Massey University

University of Bucharest

Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University