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Voices from the Sylff Community

The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund, or Sylff, is a fellowship program initiated in 1987 for graduate students in the humanities and social sciences. To date, endowments of $1 million each have been presented to 69 universities and consortia in 44 countries. Sylff fellows have been active in a diversity of fields following their graduation, and their experiences are detailed here.

Japan-China Next-Generation Dialogue

The Tokyo Foundation and the Center for International and Strategic Studies of Peking University jointly organized the “Japan-China Next-Generation Dialogue” in November 2011 and January 2012 to create a new channel of intellectual exchange among young and mid-career security experts in the two countries. The following are summaries of the discussion contributed by the 12 experts—6 each from Japan and China—taking part in the Dialogue, along with a Joint Statement by the project's two leaders.

Craft, Community, and the Cost of Global Capitalism

In a world awash in mass-produced goods, hand-crafted articles seem destined to vanish from our lives, except perhaps as luxuries, curiosities, or hobbies. As handicraft industries succumb to urbanization and globalization, communities succumb as well. This series examines a vanishing way of life from a variety of angles; explores the implications of its disappearance for society, culture, and the environment; and raises serious questions about the costs of global capitalism.

Together in Tohoku 2012

The Tokyo Foundation organized a memorable week of workshops and concerts in August 2012 that brought hope and courage to areas devastated by the March 2011 tsunami. Using donated instruments, middle and high school students in the Tohoku district rehearsed and performed alongside musicians from three of the world’s leading music conservatories, who volunteered their time and skills to support Tohoku's reconstruction through the power of music.

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