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The Second End of Laissez-Faire

This series features an academic paper prepared by Professor Katsuhito Iwai for the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Money at the Free University of Berlin, June 25-28, 2009. The original title of the paper was “The Second End of Laissez-Faire: The Bootstrapping Nature of Money and the Inherent Instability of Capitalism.” The 14-chapter paper will be posted at intervals on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Japanese-Language Education

The Tokyo Foundation administers the NF-JLEP(The Nippon Foundation Fund for Japanese Language Education Program), a program to support students and teachers of Japanese at eight universities in six countries. The program also incorporates elements essential for understanding Japanese as it is actually spoken, such as the study of Japanese history, culture, literature, and economy. The articles here detail the various activities undertaken in relation to the program.

General Election 2009

In the "watershed election" of August 30, 2009, the Democratic Party of Japan swept the Liberal Democrats from power in an unprecedented reversal. This series of articles offers analyses and opinions about the election, the problems confronting Japan today, and the policies needed to address such key issues as security, the pension system, healthcare, climate change, and civil service reform.

Relations with Japan’s Northern Neighbor

Russia is occupying an increasingly important place in Japan’s external relations, not only within the framework of East Asian security but also as a source of energy and other resources. Articles on this topic explore the options Japan has in enhancing its cooperation with its northern neighbor so as to more effectively meet its domestic needs.

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