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Leadership Development


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Developing the Next Generation of Leaders in Countries around the World

One of the missions of the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research is to identify and nurture leaders of the future, both in Japan and around the world. We undertake the programs below to develop outstanding human resources capable of seeing issues from a broad perspective and creatively pursuing the right path.


Tokyo Foundation Policy Research Fellowship

The program provides fellowships to young, highly promising researchers who can be expected to make a major contribution to policymaking in Japan. They will receive supervision from experts at the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research for up to five years to gain a grounding in public policy and be offered opportunities for collaborative research with experts from around the world and in conjunction with government policymakers. The program will be implemented for a period of 16 years.


Sylff Association Program


The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (Sylff) is a global fellowship program for graduate students in the humanities and social sciences at 69 universities in 44 countries aimed at nurturing leaders who will initiate action to transcend differences and address issues confronting contemporary society. In 2017, the Sylff Association was launched to strengthen ties among all stakeholders. The more than 16,000 students who have received fellowships to date continue to be eligible for additional support from the Association.



NF-JLEP Association Program


The Nippon Foundation Fund for Japanese Language Education Program (NF-JLEP) promotes Japanese-language education at 11 universities in six countries through the training of Japanese-language teachers and provision of fellowships to students pursuing Japanese-related studies. In 2017, the NF-JLEP Association was launched to strengthen ties among all stakeholders, enabling the 1,600-plus fellows to receive additional support aimed at deepening their understanding of Japan and promoting cross-border networking.



Basic Structure of the Sylff and NF-JLEP Association Programs