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Message from the Chair

copy_of_M2Y_4055.JPGNearly two years have passed since I became Chair of the Board of the Tokyo Foundation in June 2016. Having commemorated our twentieth anniversary last year, we are now renewing our efforts to become a world-class institute of policy research, as reflected in our new name: the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research.

The global economy has improved over the last two years, and Japan too finally appears to be emerging from decades of deflation. The country, however, still faces numerous challenges. Many of its economic, political, and social institutions that were established during the country’s period of rapid economic growth are out-of-date and need to be replaced. Much work remains to be done.

We need to reexamine Japan’s existing institutions, identify those that are no longer aligned with current realities, develop reform plans, and persuade policymakers and the general public of the need for change. Once implemented, such reforms must be objectively and rigorously assessed and adjusted as needed. These steps are essential for creating social and economic systems that fit Japan’s level of development. As a country at the forefront of emerging demographic and other challenges, Japan must lead the world in developing solutions for those challenges.

For two decades, the Tokyo Foundation has devoted itself to “Developing Policy,” “Investing in People,” and “Transforming Society.” The basic thrust of our activities will remain unchanged, even with a new name. We will continue to present concrete policy proposals backed by theoretical, evidenced-based research combined with a solid grasp of the reality on the ground and attention to long-term trends. And we will cultivate socially engaged future leaders with broad perspectives and deep insights in the hope of contributing to the realization of a better society for all.

I look forward to continuing and expanding our cooperative relations with all of you.

March 2018

Takeo Hoshi
Chair of the Board

Who We Are

Developing Policy. Investing in People. Transforming Society.

The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research is an independent, not-for-profit think tank that presents concrete policy proposals based on a lucid analysis of the issues combined with a solid grasp of everyday life and the reality on the ground. We also cultivate socially engaged future leaders with a broad perspective and deep insight, both in Japan and overseas. We fervently hope that our unique combination of policy research and human resource development will change society for the better.

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This website introduces the activities of the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research and features articles and commentary by leading figures from various fields to provide a glimpse of contemporary Japanese politics, society, and culture.




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